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Rudraksha for Cancer Zodiac

Rudraksha for Cancer Zodiac Which kind of mukhi Rudraksha is suit for Cancer zombie? Here, we give all knowledge about it. Let’s check it out.


What Is All About Rudraksha For Cancer


Cancer people must be carry 2 (two) mukhi Rudraksha, 3 (three) mukhi Rudraksha and 5 (five) mukhi Rudraksha.


  1. The 2 (two) mukhi Rudraksha – The 2 (two) mukhi Rudraksha ruled by planet moon (Chandrama). It reduce effects of week moon. To stronger your first house in your horoscope.


    The first house associated with personality, face, appearance, brain, age and mental status of Cancer people. It lead a good healthy and wealthy Cancer people life. It give protection from untimely death and misshaping.

  2. The teen (three) mukhi Rudraksha- The teen (three) mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by planet mercury. It may help to reduce effects of planet mercury. It help to strong your planet mercury in your rashi. To improve your 5th house. 5th house associated with kids, education, mind, skill, leadership, business achievements, work, opportunities, friends, social networking of Cancer people.


    It enhance to mental status. It stay away all kind of depression. If you have face the problems of lack of concentration and memory, you must carry this teen (three) mukhi Rudraksha. It will help to reduce this kind of problems.

  3. The panch (five) mukhi Rudraksha – It is ruled by planet Venus. It is reduce to effects of planet Venus. To improve your ninth house. The ninth house associated with joy, wealth, religion, fortune, meditation, peace of mind and travel of Cancer people.


    When you carry this panch (five) mukhi Rudraksha gets positive energies. It protect you all kind of negative power. It get also protected from tribulation. It reduce the problems out of education and study. It may also help to stay away health related problems and disease.


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