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Rose Quartz Shri Yantra

Rose Quartz Shri Yantra Rose Quartz Shri Yantra


Rose Quartz


A rose quartz is as beautiful as its name and very striking in appearance, the pinkish surface of it is as mesmerizing as a rose and is very astonishing and it has many healing properties as well.


The stone origination is often a question of debate but the historians always give credit to Indian sub-continent of its origin, the main reason for his can be the trade we had with romans which predates the Christ era even.


This stone is also considered the stone of love as it radiates the energy of love and passion among the couples and loved ones.


Rose Quartz Shri Yantra


A rose quartz stone carved in the shape of the shree yantra is no less than a powerful talisman as shree yantra is the king among all the yantras, it is basically the combination of nine triangles that intersect each other to form this yantra.


It has its significance as the most beautiful and mesmerizing form of adishakti is present in it as it is believed to be her dwelling place, the name of the devi is “Tripursundari” also known by other names such as lalita meaning the one who likes to play.


She is considered to be supreme deity even in the comparison of Devi laxmi, parvati and saraswati combined, lord Vishnu is believed to be her brother and even shiva cannot withstand from her charisma


Benefits of Rose Quartz Shri Yantra


  • Promotes love and passion with your partner in your life.

  • All relationship issues are resolved with its presence either in your household or at your workplace.

  • Flow of wealth is observed from all corners of life.

  • Fame and success charms your way.

  • Protection against all evil is provided in your life.

  • Abundance and prosperity becomes your life long companions.

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