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Rose Quartz Pyramids

Rose Quartz Pyramids Rose Quartz Pyramids


A rose quartz acts as a stone of love, it is known to be the element that ignites romance in your life, just not this but also promotes self –love and love for others as well.


Now a rose quartz pyramid channelizes this quality to a maximum level, it is a known fact that pyramids acts as channel which amplifies the charge of energy and a rose quartz radiates energy of love and its pyramids shape acts as catalyst to promote this energy at highest rate


Benefits of Rose Quartz Pyramid


  • Attracts love and romance in your life.

  • Improves relationships .

  • Promote passion in your life.

  • Build’s self- confidence inside you.

  • Heals your physical and emotional burdens .

Our service


We as service will provide you the pure form of Rose Quartz Pyramid, in a form you need just leave us a query on our website or contact us on our helpline.


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