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Red Jasper Shree Yantra

Red Jasper Shree Yantra Red Jasper Shree Yantra


Red Jasper


Red jasper is a wondrous stone, as the name suggests it is red in color and have many properties, when it comes to its healing powers it can undoubtedly be placed at the top of the gem chart.


It is the best medium to activate your Kundalini, according to the meditation practionar it is a popular and proven belief that we as humans are capable of doing things just like a super hero; our mythological characters had strength and valor to do wonders that we can only dream of, it was all because they used to meditate half of their age activate all the energy chakras inside their body.


In all together there are believed to be seven chakras of energy in our body that lies from the bottom of our spine to the top of our brain and a snake of supreme energy rests at bottom of the spine ready to be awakening to make us realize our true potential. Red jasper is great tool as it radiated with the energy that can activate the chakras.


Red Jasper Shree Yantra


A shree yantra is the prime yantra among all the yantra that are present and will ever be devised through the Vedic study, it is a combination of nine triangles intersecting each other to form an axiom where the supreme form of goddess dwells and plays which is called the dwelling arena.The goddess is above all the deities there are in the world, even lord Vishnu is known to be her younger brother.


She is known by the name of Tripursundari which is a combination of two words “Tripur” meaning the three worlds and “sundari” meaning the most beautiful of all; together it means the most beautiful in all the tree worlds of the heavens, the earth and the underworld.


Is said in legends the devi laxmi and saraswati are fan blowers for the goddess and even the lord of the lords Mahadev shiva is spell bounded by her presence.


A shree yantra carved with red jasper is the most auspicious object one can possess.


Benefits of Red Jasper Shree Yantra


  • Activates your energy chakras .

  • Attracts riches in your life .

  • Abundance and prosperity follows you .

  • Love and affection is observed.

  • Improves your concentration and focus .

  • Fame and success will charm your path.

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