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Purnima Dates of 2017

The Purnima, the full moon day, is celebrated all around the India. It holds great value. That day associated with load Vishnu. In this days perform the Vishnu pooja like satynarayna pooja. To observe a fast thoughout the day.


The fast begins early in the morning and ends by seeing the full moon. Purnima held every month according to the Hindus calendar. As per the Hindus vedas, the change of moon (chandma) has certain affects on the human body like change of moods and some behavioural change.


On the other hand, It is believed that there won’t be any such change if you observe the fast on this day. As well as number of programs and cultural programmes are performed on this day. And to blessed by wealth, good health, success, well being and divinity.


Besides it, a special puja is also organised by the spiritual aspirants of Vyasa. Some people also do Sadhana in order to pamper their stamina.


Mantra -


On this day, don’t forget to jap this mantra. You must chating this mantra at least 108 times.


| Om tryambakam yajamahe |
|| sugandhim pushti vardhanam ||
| urvarukamiva bandhanan |
|| mrityon moksheeya maamritat ||


Purnima dates of 2017 -


Here, we are going to cite essential information about Purnima dates of 2017. Let’s check it out.


Date Day Purnima
12 January 2017 Thursday Paush Purnima
10 February 2017 Friday Magha purnima
12 march 2017 Sunday Phalgun Purnima
11 April 2017 Tuesday Chaitra Purnima
10 may 2017 Wednesday Vaishakh Purnima
9 June 2017 Friday Jyestha Purnima
9 July 2017 Sunday Ashadha Purnima
7 August 2017 Monday Shravan Purnima
6 September 2017 Wednesday Bhadrapada Purnima
5 October 2017 Thursday Ashwin Purnima
4 November 2017 Saturday Kartik Purnima
3 December 2017 Sunday Margashirsh purnima


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