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Puja Vidhi for Home

Laxmi Puja Vidhi In This Section, Puja Vidhi For Home Are Being Described The Below.


  1. Seating of the god
  2. Inviting of the god
  3. Offering water to taste and wash the mouth, feet and hands.
  4. Giving a shower
  5. Offering new garments and enrichment, new consecrated string and fragrant substance like shoe glue and so forth
  6. Offering of blossoms
  7. Consuming incense
  8. Offering nourishment, betel leaves, betel nuts, camphor and so on
  9. Surrenders before the god and circumnavigations
  10. Sending off


Before A Holy Place Of Your Most Loved Divinity Or Gods Put The Accompanying Offerings On A Little Plate:


  1. 2 sticks of incense
  2. a little copper vessel of water
  3. A blossom
  4. A candle.


In the event that I have organic product, put before divinity amid this custom.


Taste water three times from the base of the palm of the correct hand for the refinement of body, discourse and psyche. Discuss the accompanying mantras each time:


|| Oṃ Acyutāya Namaḥ ||
|| Oṃ Anantāya Namaḥ ||
|| Oṃ Govindāya Namaḥ ||


Take A Blossom And Offer It With Affection:


| turīya guṇa sampannam nānā guṇa manoharam |
|| ānanda saurabhaṃ puṣpaṃ gṛhyatām idam uttamam ||


Please O Lord acknowledge this blossom of different satisfying qualities with extraordinary joy.


Light the incense and wave it around a clockwise way before the Lord:


| Vaṇaspati Rasotpanno Gandhāḍhyo Gandha Uttamaḥ |
|| Āghreyaḥ Sarva Devānāṃ Dhūpo'yaṃ Pratigṛhyatāṃ ||


O Lord please acknowledge this incense, which is pleasing to all the devas. It gives the best of all smells, being invested with the aroma created from the sap of the timberland.


Light the light and wave it on the plate before the Lord while droning the Gayatri Mantra.


Contemplate for a couple of minutes.


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