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Puja in Navratri for Business Success

Navratri Puja has always been special for the Hindu Devotees as it go constantly for the nine days. It celebrated nine days in nine forms of Maa Shakti. Navratri word is composed of Sanskrit words.


Its mean nine nights. Navratri also special day perform pooja to get success in business. Maa Durga helps to get prosperity and wealth in business. Stay away all kind of problem related to business.


During these nine days, devotees keep fast and chant Goddess Durga’s bhajan, Aarti and mantra. Navratri is celebrated twice in a year.


Significant Of Puja In Navratri For Business Success -


  1. It demonstrates prosperity, wealth, happiness, success, well-being and health to the native.
  2. It removes all sorts of negative energy and effects from planet.
  3. To stay away all kind of business related tension and stress. You will feel peace of mind around yourself.


Benefits Of Puja In Navratri For Business Success -


  1. It keeps your business safe against the disease and any kind of danger.
  2. Puja in Navratri for Business Success fetches the good essence of all nine planets.
  3. Before performing, it helps to fetch various positive results to the native.


Puja Samagri Of Puja In Navratri For Business Success :-


  1. Ghee
  2. Haldi Gath
  3. Haldi Powder
  4. Dhoop
  5. Kapoor
  6. Supari
  7. Laung
  8. Roli
  9. Rui Ki Batti
  10. Match Stick
  11. Red Cloth
  12. Agarbatti
  13. Itra
  14. Dona
  15. Elaichi
  16. Abheer
  17. Gulal
  18. Kesar
  19. Agarbatti
  20. Wheat
  21. GangaJal
  22. Honey
  23. Mishri
  24. Shrinagar Samgri
  25. Sapt Dhan
  26. Sapt Mitrika
  27. Jau
  28. Janeu
  29. New Red Cloth


So, what are you waiting for? Performing the Puja in Navratri for Business Success, it fetches the positive results.


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