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Puja for Shani Dosha Removal

Planet Shani symbolises struggle. Planet Shani is a bit harsher than Jupiter. If your graph show Shani Dosha, you will face more struggle in life.


Saturday is the best day to perform the Shani pooja. Shani pooja is associated to lord shani. When you perform the shani pooja, shani dosha effect may be reduce.


That pooja process is best remedies to reduce the effect of shani dosha. But when you doing this pooja, you must consulting the expert astrologer for at least one time.


You may contact to us. Our expert astrologer give you all details related to perform the shani pooja.


Puja Process Of Shani Dosha Removal


In this section, puja process of shani dosha removal are being described below. Let’s check it out.


  • On the Saturday morning, take bath before sunrise. Wear something black or dark blue.
  • Keep the fast on this day is advisable. Take only fruit.
  • To appease lord shani, many pay obeisance every Saturday by lighting a lamp before the idol of shani.
  • On Saturday, chanting the “shani mahatmyaham”. Shani mahatmyham is best remedies to remove the shani dosha in life. you must chanting shani mantra “ om shan shani charayenamah”
  • On Saturday, Never use alcohol, egg, non-veg food, sexual thoughts and inter courses.
  • The perfume dakshinamukhi hanuman pooja to peace lord shani.
  • Lord Shani like mustard oil. On this day, you should pour mustard oil on the pepal tree branch. Pepal tree is symbolic to lord Shani. Start worship pepal tree is beneficial for native.
  • On this day, donate the mustard oil, kali Daal, black cloth, black paper, black gingelly seed and kale til to needy people.
  • You must go to the Shani Mandir to visit on this day.


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