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Puja for Navgraha shanti

Ever wondered why after every attempt, you face failure in life, people you care or love don’t do the same to you, it feels like as if all the problems just have fallen in your life only, this happens because the Navagrah which effect every person’s life, are not favoring you well, but don’t worry there is a solution for everything, arrange a puja with us for your Navagrah shanti.
we can perform it either at your home, or any temple you choose, if not then we can also suggest a temple, puja prasad will be delivered to your place, video recording of puja as well.



Chandra Puja Chandra Puja
Chandra is considered to be of utmost importance in the astrological charts as it represents many vital aspects of a person’s life. It also represents fertility, emotions, nourishment, public life and a motherly figure.
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 Shani Puja Shani Puja
Planet Shani is the son of Lord Sun. Shani is known as the most dreaded planet and a stern teacher. It is believed that Shani can make a person either a king or a beggar according to its placement in horoscope.
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 Navgrah Puja Navgrah Puja
Before entering a new house, a Navagraha-puja (worship of the nine planets) ceremony known as Griha Pravesh ceremony should be performed where-in the residents of the building should then circumambulate the building.
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Ketu Puja Ketu Puja
All the people want their businesses to be successful. But many people don’t often pay respects to gods and goddesses when the business is prospering. Many people also don’t thank the lord for business success.
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  Rahu Puja Rahu Puja
Rahu is not a planet. It is a mere shadow of a planet that usually crosses Sun and it leads to a solar eclipse. This shadow can create a lot of problems for a person that include but are not limited to marital issues.
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Surya Puja Surya Puja
Surya is considered to be the king of planets. Surya is worshipped by Hindus from all over the world. Surya is also known to be the only form of god that can be seen on a daily basis.
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