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Perform Puja for Beauty and attraction at Diwali

puja for beauty and attraction Perform Kamdev Rati Puja at Diwali is for Beauty and attraction. Master Kamdev and Goddess Rati are the ones which make the adoration and love in our lives. They are the Gods of Love.


This Puja is thought to be best for affection and bliss and ought to be performed by an educated and knowledgeable Purohit.


The god and goddess of adoration are Kamdev and Rati. While Kamdev is the exemplification of masculinity and comeliness, Rati is an encapsulation of female excellence and appeal.


No of Chants Puja Cost in INR (Rs.) Puja Cost in USD
Normal Puja 7100 $110
11000 11000 $170
21000 17000 $260
51000 25000 $384
125000 41000 $630
Combo Puja 51000 $780


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Such a large number of writings, books, and sonnets have been composed on affection and magnificence and no other subject has pulled in so much consideration. Indeed, even Lord Shiva was not ready to oppose the affection feelings made in him by Kamdev and Rati.


The want of getting hitched to your adoration and driving a serene and prosperous coexistence is a real wish of each couple. Master Kamdev and Goddess Rati are the encapsulation of adoration and mind and loving them is the way to satisfy your effective relationship.


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Rati is the image of excellence and appeal while Kamdev is the image of masculinity and insightfulness. So this puja is promising for the individuals who want for a perfect accomplice and are enthusiastic for adoration in their lives.


The appeal and start of a relationship are kept up by loving the Gods of Love. As per the old content and sonnets, the trees of Kamdev and Rati have been said to revive the start of adoration and fondness in couple's lives.


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This puja fills the irregular energy inside you that offers you with an alluring effortlessness. In the event that your life is dull without affection, at that point this is the best approach to investigate your feelings and scan for your ideal one.


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