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Rare and Tantrik Products Read More
 Billi Ki Jer Billi Ki Jer
Billi ki jer has great importance in getting Tantrik siddhi or effective magic power. Billi ki jer is very hard to comeby, but extremely helpful and beneficial if procured.
 Hatha Jodi Hatha Jodi
Hatha Jodi is a very rare tantric. Hatha Jodi is basically a type of a very rare plant. Its shape resembles like two joined hand with clinched finger as we use in prayer.
 Siyar Singhi Siyar Singhi
Siyar singhi is also beneficial if used in home to get money, wealth, deepen spirituality, immense protection from spirits ghost and riddance from court cases.
 Gomati Chakra Gomati Chakra
Gomati chakra is believed to be very protective for children from evil eye, negative power, spirits, ghosts and danger of animals, fallingand diseases.


Kamakhya Products Read More
Kamakhya Sindoor Kamakhya Sindoor
KAMAKHYA Sindoor is Blessed from the Shri Maa Kamakhya Devi's Temple in Guwahati Assam. Kamiya sindur(formulated vermillion) or kamakhya sindoor is normally used to control person.
 Kamakhya Kada Kamakhya Kada
Kamakhya Kada is one of the significant products cultivated from the great Kamakhya Mandir Assam, Kamroo area. It is basically a bangle to wear, in scripted and energized by our Guruji with Vedic chants and Kamakhya Devi Mantra on it.
 Kamakhya Vastra Kamakhya Vastra
Vastra means clothes, is the most important part of our life. Kamakhya Vastra is also a main product cultivated from the Temple of Assam, Kamakhya Devi.
Kamakhya Kit Kamakhya Kit
Kit means a total package of relevant products. Kamakhya Kit also a combination of all products obtained from Kamakhya Mandir. It’s a great divine sets of all holy products of this certain place.


Royal Products Read More
  One Eye Coconut One Eye Coconut
One eye coconut is very useful and is known as the best medium to get the blessing of god and goddesses. It can be kept anywhere, in office or in work place. And businessmen prefer to keep it in the cash box by tying it with a piece of red cloth.
 Cobra Pearl (Nag Mani) Cobra Pearl (Nag Mani)
People have wrong idea about Naga Mani or Cobra pearl, they believe that it is normally found on the hood of black Cobra Snake, but it is not the reality about the precious cobra pearl.
 Indrakshi Mala Indrakshi Mala
Indrakshi Mala is considered very powerful and beneficial. It protects the owner from any kind of harm and danger. This mala is made with the combination of 1 to 21 mukhis. It is believed that the wearer of Indrakshi mala.
 Kuber Mani Mala Kuber Mani Mala
Kuber Mani Mala is being embraced by 1 Mukhi to 14 Mukhi Rudraksha along with Kuber Mantra. In the Indrakshi Mala there are 1 to 21 Face Rudraksha Combination but in the Kuber Mani Mala there are 1 to 14 Face Rudraksha.


Sidhh Combination Of Rudraksha Read More
Rudraksha Siddh Mala Rudraksha Siddh Mala
Rudraksha siddha mala is the ultimate ammunition required to face and fight-off all negativity intended to pull you down and you gain heights you earlier only could dream off.
Sarv-Siddh-Rudraksha-Combination Sarv-Siddh-Rudraksha-Combination
If you yearn for balance and prosperity in relationships, both at the private as well as social levels ,if you believe that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, sarv siddh rudraksha combinations are surely.
Siddh Combination Rudraksha Siddh Combination Rudraksha
A healthy body inculcates a healthy mind, healthy bones, healthy body parts, healthy organs, a healthy heart, etc. Any anomaly in these may lead to an imbalance in the body.
Stress Remover Rudraksha Combination Stress Remover Rudraksha Combination
‘CHINTA CHITTA SAMMAN HAI’,the famous text from Hindi language, is the best form to describe the exact situation of a person under extreme stress. It means that a stressful person is equivalent to a dead one.


Kit And Puja Kit Read More
 Vashikaran Kit Vashikaran Kit
We are the service provider of Vashikaran kit and all vashikaran products which are used in vashikaran pooja,tantra ,mantra .vashikaran is the method to control or attract a person that you desire .
Krishana Akarshan Kit Krishana Akarshan Kit
We are service provider of yantra and mala, rosary. Krishna Aakarshan kit is install and worship to appease to avatar of lord Vishnu Shree Krishna .In HINDU mythology lord Krishna recognized as 8th incarnation of lord Vishnu.
 Gandhrav Kit Gandhrav Kit
we provides you magical and spiritual yantra gandhrav kit. In the ancient time between humans and demigods range from Yaksas, Raksasas and to more attractive beings such as Apsaras, Vidyadharas and Siddhas.
Ratimohni kit Ratimohni kit
Our vashikaran specialist provides Rati Mohini kit vashikaran which help you to resolve problems of vashikaran and love issues specially for women and girls for controlling husbands and boyfriends.


Tabiz (Talisman) Products Read More
 Talisman Gold Talisman Gold
Wearing Talisman Gold is considered quite auspicious. They are available in the form of a necklace. The illuminating Talisman is a symbol of great human species. Holding this locket make you feel special and unique.
Tabiz For Vashikaran Tabiz For Vashikaran
Vashikaran is a traditional Indian technique to bring something under control. It is basically used to control one’s mind, heart and thinking, is a very strong methodology to bring back fortune.
 Tabiz For Love Tabiz For Love
Love comes in many different forms. The people you love are usually the people you feel most happy to be with, whom you like to spend the most time with. The people you couldn't bear to lose.
  Nazar Suraksha Tabiz Nazar Suraksha Tabiz
It's believed that there are three types of evil eyes: The first are unconscious evil eyes. These harm people and things, without intending to. The second type intends to harm.


Religious Mala Read More
Indrakshi Mala Indrakshi Mala
Indrakshi Mala is considered very powerful and beneficial. It protects the owner from any kind of harm and danger. This mala is made with the combination of 1 to 21 mukhis.
 Kuber Mani Mala Kuber Mani Mala
In Hindu mythology Kuber is regarded as the god of Wealth. Lord Kuber is also known as the god of Yakshas (savage beings). Kuber is always remembered with the goddess of Fortune, Lakshmi.
 Vashikaran mala Vashikaran mala
our vashikaran specialist provides vashikaran mala with siddh or pooja path.vashikaran mala give fast result for vashikaran pooja, vashikaran specialist providing you vashikaran mala with siddh puja path.
Panch Bhoot Mala Panch Bhoot Mala
The Panch Bhoota Mala concept was evolved from the five prime elements of the physical body Prithvi (Earth), Vaayu (Air), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire) and Akash (Sky).


Healing Products Read More
 Amazonite Stone Amazonite Stone
Amazonite Stone comes among one of the beautiful blue green stones having white streaks all across which add great beauty. This stone is known to keep the wearer cool and calm as same its captivating shades.
Black Tourmaline Stone Black Tourmaline Stone
Tourmaline is one of the sought after healing gemstone which is featured with all colours. It was also used by ancient magicians in order to get protected by earth demons at the time of performing magic.
Seven Chakra Healing Stone Seven Chakra Healing Stone
Seven Chakra is a group of 7 stunning and healing stones. They are always put together. They cannot be separated. All these seven stones belong to the seven chakra of the human body.
 Crystal Skull Crystal Skull
Crystal Skull is a piece of crystal resembles a human skull. It has been carved out by some experienced worker of stone. It has been used by many people in order to get healed.


Vashikaran Products Read More
 Vashikaran Tilak Vashikaran Tilak
Vashikaran tilak is the method to control or attract a person for vashikaran. Vashikaran tilak is use to make concentrate vasahikaran puja easier. Vashikaran tilak is also used for mind reading of a person.
Vashikaran mala Vashikaran mala
Vashikaran mala is method to control or attract a person, vashikaran mala includes all vashikaran beeds that helps to control or attract the persons that you desired.
 Vashikaran Rosary Vashikaran Rosary
Vashikaran means to control or attract a persons that you desire for positive theme of work ,Vashikaran method is used only for the needy persons or social works .our gurji is blessed by maa kamakhya devi.
Vashikaran Ring Vashikaran Ring
Vashikaran ring is most powerful for control a person that you desire. Vashikaran ring gives you energy to concentrate your vashikaran puja or vashikaran method.


Religious Yantra Read More
 Kamakhya Yantra Kamakhya Yantra
Kamakhya Yantra is worshipped by Kamakhya mata devotees to please mata kamakhya and to get her blessings. This Yantra is very powerful and effective and it is strengthened by the powerful mantra of mata kamakhya.
 Vyapar Vridhi Yantra Vyapar Vridhi Yantra
If you want to get the blessings of Lord Ganesh and Mata Lakshmi then you can worship Vayapar Vridhi Yantra. This Yantra is auspicious as it fills your life with both wealth and education.
 Sarva kashta Nivaran Yantra Sarva kashta Nivaran Yantra
Sarv Kashta Nivarna Yantra is considered very powerful and effective. It has the combined power of sixteen Gods and Goddesses. It is believed that the worshipper of this Yantra gets all the happiness in his life.
 Badha Mukti Yantra Badha Mukti Yantra
Badha Mukti Yantra is considered very effective and powerful. It has thirteen Yantras in it. By worshipping this Yantra, you can get the blessings of all these thirteen powers.


Other Kamiya Sindoor Products Read More
 Kamdhenu Cow Kamdhenu Cow
Kamdhenu is a divine cow. She was discovered by Gods during the Samudramanthan of Milk Ocean which was done collectively by Gods and demons. Kamdhenu cow was presented to seven saints by Gods to be benefited by her milk.
 Panchmukhi Hanuman Panchmukhi Hanuman
Lord Hanuman is the symbol strength, power, energy and knowledge. Hanuman is more powerful in his panchmukhi form and that form he had taken for a specific purpose to kill Mahiravan.
 Hanuman Kavach Hanuman Kavach
Lord Hanuman is the son of Pavandevata. He is well-known as the great devotee of Lord Vishnu and served him when Lord Vishnu had taken the incarnation of Ram. Hanuman Kavach is very powerful.
Dristi Eye Wristband
Drishti Eye Wristband is very potent and strong to get all the harmful effect of evil eye off from a person who wears this Dristi Eye Wristband.This wristband is made of the powerful crystals bead.