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Problems from Shani Sadhe Sati

Which kind of problem may be face in shani shade sati? There is answer of this query. Here is all knowledge about it. Let’s check it out.


What Is All About The Shani Shade Sati?


When planet transits in the close proximity of the planet moon in one’s native chart – “Shani sadhe sati” starts.


The shani sadhe sati may continue while planet shani transits over this native sign and the next seven sign.


Planet shani spend around 7 ½ year (sade saat saal) in each sign. Thus the name shani sadhe sati which literally means seven and a half. The sani sadhe sati period is very challenging. But many people actually get a lot of achievement and opportunity during this period.


Problems From Shani Sadhe Sati


In this section, problems from shani sadhe sati are being descried below. Let’s check it out.


  • The native will be a lot of challenges in life.
  • It bring negative energy, waves, evil eyes and harmful power in the native’s life.
  • The native may face the 7 and half year of struggle. When the planet Saturn will came not right direction.
  • The native will face the accidents and miss-happening.
  • The native may be marriage late or face more problems in marriage life.
  • The native will be face the money related problems, health related problems and sudden failures related problems.
  • Your life partner will not happy with you.
  • Your children also disturb in study.
  • The native will face money related problems in life. The native will not success in job / business. he/she face more problems in job / business.


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