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Pradosha Vrat Puja Vidhi

Pradoshaa Vrat is a profoundly exceptional event in Lord Shankar sanctuaries. The most essential features of the Pradosha Vrat Puja at sanctuaries incorporate Abhishekam to Lord Shankar and Nandi (consecrated bull) symbols, parade of Lord Shankar mounted on Nandi around the sanctuary premises and the droning and singing at the sanctuaries.


Shiva Puran is said that the individuals who watch Pradoshaa Vrat pooja might be honoured with flourishing, youngsters, peace and joy in the families.


Ladies who try to have offspring watch this Vrat so intensely and are honoured with kids. It is likewise trusted that those watching this Vrat determinedly will be liberated from their wrongdoings.


Pradosha Vrat Puja Vidhi –


Despite the fact that the lovers can perform unique Pradosha Vrat pujas at their homes, the most imperative part of a Pradosha Vrat Puja is going by the Shankar sanctuary in the territory or any picked extraordinary Shankar sanctuary for the day.


The aficionados watching Pradosha Vrat pooja must take an interest in the pujas directed at the sanctuaries and if conceivable remain vigil for the duration of the night taking part in the singing and tuning in of Lord Shankar's names and glories.


In spite of the fact that Pradosha comes twice in a month, a few fans watch just the Pradosha falling amid the melting away period of the moon. In the stricter sort of fasting, the fan watches the quick from the morning on Pradosha day and breaks it just on the following morning subsequent to cooking the sustenance newly performing Shankar Puja and offering it to Lord Shankar.


In the milder rendition, the aficionados can take drain and organic products for the day and finish up the fasting at night of Pradosha day after Shankar venerate at the sanctuaries.


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