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Planets Transition in 2018, Grah Gochar in Year 2018

Planets Transition in 2018, Grah Gochar in Year 2018 Planets Transition in 2018


The development of the planets through the zodiac sky is called Planetary Transit.


In Indian crystal gazing this development is named as "Gochar". At the point when the planets move starting with one house then onto the next or one sign to another sign, it demonstrates a few impacts which can be either great or terrible as indicated by the individual natal outline.


Transiting of a planet implies development of that planet starting with one sign then onto the next, and from one heavenly body (nakshatra) to another.


When it enters or influences an association with any zodiac to sign or nakshatra, it demonstrates a few impacts which can be either great or terrible.


In the event that the impact is great, it brings great or positive changes or occasions in life.


In any case, negative impact gives undesired outcomes. In this way, crystal gazers and individuals intrigued, keep a transit schedule that demonstrates the transit of planets in a given year.


Since every planet moves at its individual pace which is not quite the same as others, so its season of transit is additionally not quite the same as others.


A planet can likewise progress toward becoming combust and retrograde which are shown in the transit date-book. Every one of the sevenplanets and two hubs have diverse development and time of transits on twelve zodiac signs.


By and large, planetary transits of Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter and Saturn have dependable impacts. Transits of planets like moon and mercury bring snappy changes.


Transit of planets and their belongings are constantly contemplated with reference to the natal outline of a man. Coming transit of all planets are given underneath.


Let’s Check Out The Transit Of Planets / Planetary Events In 2018


Transit Of Planets / Planetary Events In 2018


Date Time (Ist) Planet Enter Into Sign
6-Jan-18 19:50 Pm Mercury Sagittarius
13-Jan-18 14:45 Pm Venus Capricorn
14-Jan-18 13:45 Pm Sun Capricorn
17-Jan-18 5:10 AM Mars Scorpio
28-Jan-18 1:05 AM Mercury Capricorn
6-Feb-18 12:00 PM Venus Aquarius
13-Feb-18 2:45 AM Sun Aquarius
15-Feb-18 3:25 AM Mercury Aquarius
2-Mar-18 11:40 AM Venus Pisces
3-Mar-18 6:55 AM Mercury Pisces
7-Mar-18 18:25 Pm Mars Sagittarius
14-Mar-18 23:40 Pm Sun Pisces
26-Mar-18 15:45 Pm Venus Aries
14-Apr-18 8:10 AM Sun Aries
20-Apr-18 2:10 AM Venus Taurus
2-May-18 16:15 Pm Mars Capricorn
9-May-18 17:30 Pm Mercury Aries
14-May-18 20:45pm Venus Gemini
15-May-18 5:05 AM Sun Taurus
27-May-18 8:25 PM Mercury Taurus
9-Jun-18 2:40 AM Venus Cancer
10-Jun-18 7:35 AM Mercury Gemini
15-Jun-18 11:35 AM Sun Gemini
25-Jun-18 18:05 Pm Mercury Cancer
5-Jul-18 2:25 AM Venus Leo
16-Jul-18 22:25 Pm Sun Cancer
1-Aug-18 12:25 AM Venus Virgo
17-Aug-18 6:50 AM Sun Leo
1-Sep-18 23:25 Pm Venus Libra
2-Sep-18 21:05 Pm Mercury Leo
17-Sep-18 6:45 AM Sun Virgo
19-Sep-18 4:15 AM Mercury Virgo
6-Oct-18 12:45 AM Mercury Libra
11-Oct-18 19:15 Pm Jupiter Scorpio
17-Oct-18 18:45 Pm Sun Libra
26-Oct-18 20:45 Pm Mercury Scorpio
6-Nov-18 8:20 AM Mars Aquarius
16-Nov-18 18:35 Pm Sun Scorpio
16-Dec-18 9:10 AM Sun Sagittarius
23-Dec-18 12:55 AM Mars Pisces


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