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What is Pitra Paksha? Pitra Paksha Dates 2017

What is Pitra Paksha? Pitra Paksha Dates 2017 What Is Pitra Paksha?


The 2nd half of the month Bhadrapada, in hindu amanta calendar when ending with Amavasya, is called “PITRA PAKSHA”. The Pitra paksha known as the “SHRADDHA”.


Its Amavasya is called sarvapitra Amavasya, it is very important day of pitra paksha. It is a fifteen lunar day’s period. In these days, people pay homage to their ancestors especially to one’s dead relative like papa, mother, sister, brother, aunt, aunti etc.


And also paying for their peace, those person perfume the pirta paksha is called karta. Karta invites brahmanaas in this day, imagines they are their ancestors, offer them with sumptuous food items and treats them with hospitality.


At the ends offer “pinda pradaana”. Then give some dakshina to the brahmanass.


In 2017, pitra paksha start on 05 September 2017 (Tuesday) and end on 19 September 2017 (Tuesday).


Let’s Know All Details the Pitra Paksha 2017


Date Day Pitra Paksha
5-Sep-17 Tuesday Purnima Pitra Paksha
6-Sep-17 Wednesday Pratipada Pitra Paksha
7-Sep-17 Thursday Dwitiya Pitra Paksha
8-Sep-17 Friday Tritiya Pitra Paksha
9-Sep-17 Saturday Chaturthi Pitra Paksha
10-Sep-17 Sunday Maha Bharami, Panchami Pitra Paksha
11-Sep-17 Monday Shashthi Pitra Paksha
12-Sep-17 Tuesday Saptami Pitra Paksha
13-Sep-17 Wednesday Ashtami Pitra Paksha
14-Sep-17 Thursday Navami Pitra Paksha
15-Sep-17 Friday Dashami Pitra Paksha
16-Sep-17 Saturday Ekadashi Pitra Paksha
17-Sep-17 Sunday Dwadashi Pitra Paksha, Trayadoshir Pitra Paksha


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