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vehicle puja at Diwali The Perform Vehicle Pooja at Diwali is for the most part done when you purchase another Vehicle. It protects the driver against mishaps. Advance booking here Vehicle Pooja at Diwali.


The Perform Vehicle Pooja at Diwali is a typical Hindu practice. In Hindu Indian culture we tend to love or favour each new apparatus or instrument before we begin utilizing it.


It could be anything from a Television set to vehicles. Basically, in this Vehicle Pooja, another


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Vehicle is honoured so it comes in concordance to a home and to keep it from future disasters. It is otherwise called The Vehicle Pooja.


Significance Of Perform The Vehicle Pooja At Diwali:


  1. As per the Hindu conviction, Perform the Vehicle Pooja at Diwali is huge for an assortment of purposes.
  2. It is a way to wash down the Vehicle and secure it against incidents
  3. To indicate appreciation to the Lord


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Procedure Of The Vehicle Pooja At Dewali:


Perform Vehicle Pooja at Diwali is most important pooja for vehicle. Not all new Vehicle Pooja's are done in a similar way and the techniques may marginally fluctuate in various cases.


Like some other Vehicle Pooja, the fan needs to have a shower and put on clean garments. The Vehicle at that point should be washed, after which a little Haldi water is sprinkled on it. The Om Vishnu mantra is droned thrice.


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Incense, Diya and blooms are continued a plate and the Lord's favours are looked for, as one pivots the plate before the Vehicle seven times.


It closes by influencing a swastika to sign with Kumkum and Haldi. The Vehicle Pooja technique is not followed similarly all over the place. While some basically put a Tilak and do an Aarti, there are other people who serenade mantras and sholas.


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