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Buy Parvati Puja Kit

parvati puja kit Goddess Parvati puja is love of Shakti Swaroopaa mama Parvati. This love is profited for wishes, family fortune and fulfilment. Regularly Mangla Parvati quick is kept falling in all Tuesday of Shravan.


This puja is done on the fourth and fifth day of Ganesh Chaturthi that is the reason its noteworthiness is more extended. All quick in Shravan will construct the fulfilment and favourable circumstances of a man. Due to favourable circumstances this quick is essentially for recently hitched lady and wedded lady.


The explanation behind fasting and puja is to fulfil her family and wish them for their long age. Goddess Parvati puja is devoted to Goddess Parvati and commends her arrival to Lord Shiva, denoting the union of the couple.


Parvati pooja is in acclaim of conjugal delight and the prosperity of life partner and kids. We have amassed in this unit all elements for performing Parvati puja. Every one of the fundamentals stuffed are common, unadulterated, holy and of high calibre and are adequate for performing Parvati puja.


Parvati Puja Samagri (Ingredients) Provided By Us -


Taking appropriate direction from the regarded experts, the Parvati Pooja Samagrim comprises of:


  1. Supari
  2. Ganga Jaal
  3. Mishri
  4. Gulab Jaal
  5. Oil
  6. Laung
  7. Roli
  8. Rice
  9. Chandan
  10. Haldi Powder
  11. Haldi Gath
  12. Sringar Samagrim
  13. Dhoop
  14. Batti (Long)
  15. Match Stick
  16. Deepak
  17. Agarbatti
  18. Peeli Sarson
  19. Kesar
  20. Panchmeva
  21. Elaichi
  22. Dona
  23. Moli
  24. Itra
  25. Abheer
  26. Red Cloth
  27. Sindoor
  28. Moong
  29. Kapoor
  30. Ghee
  31. Laung
  32. Roli
  33. Rice
  34. Chandan
  35. Haldi Powder
  36. Haldi Gath
  37. Batti (Round)
  38. Gulal
  39. Wheat
  40. Nectar
  41. Gud


These bundles have been made under the direction of exceptionally qualified Shastras and Acharya.


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