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Parad Nandi

Parad Nandi Parad Nandi


Nandi is the prime follower of lord shiva, according to legends he is white colored bull who acts as a guard, prime medium of transportation, and care taker of kailash and lord shiva. The white presence of him represents of being pious, clean and devoted to shiva.


He acts as a representative of the followers of shiva even other gods need to permit by him to go and meet the Mahadev.


Importance of Parad Nandi


Parad Nandi is considered very auspicious as per to Hindu rituals. It is always advised by our sacred text of Vedas that if you want to have nandi in your household than it has to be of parad that is of mercury only as mercury is a tatva originated from lord shiva himself.


This will increase your chance of being blessed by shiva to fulfill your dreams.


Benefits of Parad Nandi


  • Having a parad nandi is of extreme benefits some of which are

  • Praying to nandi will directly take your message to lord shiva.

  • Women with infertility must pray to nandi to blessed with a child

  • As nandi is a protector he protects you from all sort of harmful effects.

  • Nandi stands for clean, pious and devotion so he encourages these qualities in your life too.

  • Creates a circle of protection for your household from ghosts, spirits and paranormal beings.

Our service


We as a service will provide you the authentic and pure form of parad nandi idol in all sizes according to your needs and demands, all you need to do is just leave us a query or contact us on our helpline.


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