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Panchak Dates in 2018

In astrology, the Panchak is not considered auspicious constellation. It is considered the sum of the ominous and harmful constellations.


The special yoga created with the combination of constellations is called the Panchak. And when the moon, the Aquarius and Pisces remain on the amount, then that time is called the Panchak.


Similarly, the five nakshatras, which are closely related to Revati, are called Panchakkas. In ancient astrology, it is generally believed that some works are not specially made in the Panchak.


Here, all Panchak begin, end dates and timing in 2O18 year are being described below. Let’s check it out.


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Panchak Dates 2018


Month Panchak Start Date Time Panchak End Date Time
January 19-Jan-18 2:18 PM 24-Jan-18 8:35 AM
February 15-Feb-18 8:40 PM 20-Feb-18 2:04 PM
March 15-Mar-18 4:14 AM 19-Mar-18 8:09 PM
April 11-Apr-18 12:38 PM 16-Apr-18 4:06 AM
May 08-May-18 9:00 PM 13-May-18 1:32 PM
June 05-Jun-18 4:35 AM 09-Jun-18 11:11 AM
July 02-Jul-18 11:09 PM 07-Jul-18 7:41 AM
August 25-Aug-18 11:16 PM 30-Aug-18 8:02 PM
September 22-Sep-18 6:12 AM 27-Sep-18 1:56 AM
October 19-Oct-18 2:03 PM 24-Oct-18 9:24 AM
November 15-Nov-18 10:18 PM 20-Nov-18 6:35 PM
December 13-Dec-18 6:12 AM 18-Dec-18 4:18 AM


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What are prohibited during Panchak ?


  • During the Panchak, there should be no gathering of grass, timber etc. at the time when there is nervous nakshatra, there is fear of fire.

  • After the death of someone in Panchak and the funeral of the dead body in the Panchak, there are five deaths in that family or nearby.

  • During the Panchak, travel should not be done in the south direction, because the direction of the south direction, Yama has been considered. Traveling south direction in these constellations is considered to be harmful.

  • During the Panchak, when the Revati Nakshatra is going on, then the roof of the house should not be made, it is the opinion of scholars. It causes wealth loss and distress in the home.

  • It is believed that making a bed in the Panchak is also an invitation to the big crisis.


Effect of Panchak:


The effect of the Panchak is the fear of fire in the immediate constellation of the nakshatra. There are chances of discord in Shatibhasha Nakshatra. Predictability is the causative factor of the constellation.


There is a penalty in the form of money in Uttarabhabad. There is a possibility of loss of money in the Revati constellation.


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