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Padam Kalsarp Yog

Do you known about the Padam kalsarp yog? If answer is no, here is all information about it. Let’s check it out.


A Bit About The Padam Kalsarp Yog


When planet Rahu is 5th house and planet Ketu is placed in 11th house, it is called Padam kalsarp yog. This kind of yoga may give breaks and hurdles in case of getting education.


The Effect Of The Padam Kaal Sarp Dosha


If planets Rahu and Ketu are present in your horoscope according to above situation, you must suffering from Padam Kaal Sarp Dosha.


Which kind of effect you will face in life?


Here, all thing are being described below. Let’s check it out.


  • He/she may be weak in studies.
  • He/she may have issues in love relations.
  • The female may have many issues in kid birth.
  • He/she may have no good luck in gambling or sudden gain.
  • He/she may have no luck in share market.
  • Kid birth may happen after a long time after married.
  • His/him analytical skills may be less.
  • His/him kids may not respect him/his and leave him/his.
  • He/she may not have much interest in arts.
  • He/she may have less intellectual power as well.


Remedy For Padam Kaal Sarp Dosha


If you are facing the effect of Padam Kaal Sarp Dosha, you need to consult an expert astrologer. The expert astrologer will provide the native remedy for Padam Kaal Sarp Dosha.


But here, some powerful remedies for Padam Kaal Sarp Dosha are being described below. Let’s check it out.


  • You must chanting the Mahamrityunjaya mantra for at least 108 times daily.
  • Start worship lord Shiva is very beneficial for native.
  • You must wear the Rudraksha.


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