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Know your Paaya Name as per Birth Details

Paaya Name as per Birth Details


What is Paaya and How it Calculated?


As the child is born, the elderly are eager to know that the child has come home with whom. Twelve places of horoscope have been divided into four legs and they have been given the names of four metals - gold, silver, copper and iron.


At The Time Of Birth, The Place Where The Moon Occurs (In The Horoscope) Is Known According To It.


Founding of Gold (क्या होता है सोने का पाया?)


When the moon is first, sixth or eleventh, it is considered as the birth of a golden foot. It comes in number three in superior order.


Founded Of Silver (क्या होता है चाँदी का पाया?)


If the moon is in second, fifth or ninth house, then it is considered to be the birth of silver founder. It is considered the best in order of superiority.


Found In Copper (क्या होता है ताम्बे का पाया?)


If the moon is in third, seventh or tenth place then copper is found. In order of superiority it is in second order.


Found Of Iron (क्या होता है लोहे का पाया?)


When the moon is in the fourth, eighth or twelfth house, the child is born of iron. It is not considered auspicious found.


In fact, in the Moon 4, 8, 12, health is harmed, so perhaps iron found is considered inauspicious.


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Mars's Location and Mangli (मांगली)


If Mars is in a position of 1, 4, 7, 8, 12 in the wedding horoscope then it is called Mangalya Bal. Such a child should be married to a Mangala boys or girl.


The meaning of mangali should not always be imposed by the death of the person. The origin of the roots is said when the Moon in the horoscope is in any of the original cognitive constellations.


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We also provide you details about your baby Nakashtra (Gand Mool Nakshtra).


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