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Overcome Relationship

 Vishnu Puja Relationship and Marital Problems :


Relationships are the basis of our life; it is the pillar on which everything, that is supported stays strong, this is easy to understand as each emotion of a human being is a relationship dependent, the feeling of love, anger, envy, care, kindness, jealousy and all others are because, we have relations.


Now let’s not confuse the relation only to the blood ties as every person we meet makes a relation with us which could result into giving a charge of emotion which could vary in its definition but it will be there.


Such is the importance of relationships and if we can give a supreme identity from which the tree of relationships starts its branches that will definitely be the marriage.


What is the true meaning of marriage?


Marriage is from where it all starts, it serves as the basis of everything and if you are phasing any problems and difficulties in it, so it serves as the basis of all the wrongs as well.


This would be easy to understand by realizing that when your marriage is not working out, it does not affect only you and your partner but everybody that is associated with you.


Those who are at most risk is your children as every fight, clash and abuse you create in your house makes a mental and physical impression on your kids. Parents are who creates the character of their kids; it is same as of planting a tree whatever seed you will reap today will fruit tomorrow.


Same goes with your actions in your marriage as whatever energy you give in the relationship that is what you will face, what people do these days is they return the same energy they receive from their partner.


They respond to love with love and anger with anger which is absolutely foolish, what is required on the other hand is to respond love with appreciation and anger with love and understanding, then only your marriage will work out.


How to solve your problem?


Well there is a solution to everything in life and when our own efforts fail to solve the situation, it is better to seek help of somebody experienced, it is simple as when a student do not understand his studies he goes to a teacher.


Similarly when we fail to solve our humanly problems we go to a higher teacher and that is god and his method is spirituality. Human life is under the impression of much more than the naked eye sees and observe.


We are the beings under the effect of the movements of stars, planet and celestial bodies, the time which we born in the nakshatra of our life, dosha in our kundali all these factors are important to realize.


Proper guidance and knowledge of this in your life can affect your life at a maximum level, the rest is definitely on your attitude of acceptance and rejection of course.


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