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Normal Vrat Puja Vidhi

The Normal Vrat Pujas, like Monday Vrat Puja, Tuesday Vrat Puja, Wednesday Vrat Puja, Thursday Vrat Puja, Friday Vrat Puja, Saturday Vrat Puja and Sunday Vrat Puja, are one of the unmistakably known fasting hones saw in the Hinduism.


Normal Vrat Puja Vidhi -


  1. Alongside a day-long fasting, droning of Ganesha mantra (Om Gan Ganpate Namah) and day associated lord god and goddess mantra.

  2. The methodology for watching the fasting practice is for all intents and purposes basic for all these three sorts of Normal Vrat Pooja. An exceptional Vrat puja is done on any day and toward the finish of the puja, the tale of the Normal Vrat Puja must be perused and tuned in to.

    The maternal uncle exhorted him to watch Normal Vrat, the kid consented to, however passed on before finishing the method. The uncle contended the customs for his benefit. God and goddess favored the kid with new life and he came back to his folks with the princess. In this manner, watching the Normal Vrat Puja might give all great to the lovers.

  3. A few people eat just a single flour based eating routine in a day and rest of the day they take drain, tea, organic products and so on the individuals who cannot go for such strict eating routine take 2 flour based suppers.
    In place, we likewise purchase 'seel ki patti or laddu' – produced using popped amaranth seeds, from the markets and make them amid the fasting.
    Typically, there is dependably unwinding for old or wiped out individuals, notwithstanding to nurse moms or for the individuals who cannot take after thorough fasting rules. On the off chance that you are taking pharmaceuticals for some treatment or infection then you can eat them amid fasting.


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