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Nine Planets Dosha

Nine Planets Dosha Impacts and Remedies Nine Planets Dosha, Impacts and Remedies


Our stars lead us to the heavens. At times, these stars seem like openings to heaven from where the Lord himself and our loved ones with him shower their love and blessings upon us. The nine planets, with their specific positions, form the individualistic birth charts for each individual on this earth.


The positions of some of these planets may not be favorable for a person at a given instance of time. These periods are called as a dosha.


Detailed Concept behind the Nine Planets


According to Vedic Astrology, there are nine planets (navgriha) that make up the birth chart of an individual. These planets at a time may be auspicious for some and inauspicious for the others.


These nine planets are Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu Sarpa Griha and Ketu Sarpa Griha. Inauspicious placement and movement of any of these may result in losses and obstacles in the life of a person.


Thus, it becomes imperative to understand these stars and sought help from an expert if required.


Effects and Remedies pertaining to the doshas of Navgriha


There are specific characteristics attached to each planet in your birth charts:


1. SUN: Sun is the all powerful planet ruled by God Shiva himself. It is known to bestow health and prosperity. To remove its dosha, fast on Sundays and donate wheat. You could also wear the Ek Mukhi or 12 Mukhi rudraksha.


2. MOON: Moon is a very pleasing star for everyone and is ruled by Goddess Parvati. It is known to provide success. To remove its dosha, fast on Mondays and donate rice. You could also wear the 2 Mukhi rudraksha.


3. MARS(Kuja): It is the red planet, son of the earth and ruled by Lord Subramanya. It is known to provide prosperity. To remove its dosha, fast on Tuesdays and donate Masoor dal. You could also wear the 3 Mukhi rudraksha.


4. MERCURY: It is the planet ruled by Lord Maha Vishnu and is known to provide knowledge. To remove its dosha, fast on Wednesdays and donate Urad dal. You could also wear the 10 Mukhi rudraksha.


5. JUPITER (Guru): It is the largest planet after Sun and is ruled by Lord Dakshinamurthy. It is known to provide offspring, reduce negativity, education, and strength. To remove its dosha, fast on Thursday and donate turmeric. You could also wear the Ek Mukhi or 5 Mukhi rudraksha.


6. VENUS (Shukra): It is ruled by Goddess Mahalakshmi, and is known to bestow arts, long life, wealth, and happiness. To remove its dosha, fast on Fridays and donate clothes. You could also wear the 6 Mukhi rudraksha.


7. SATURN (Shani): Though it bestows happiness, it is feared by all due to its ill-effects when placed in a certain position. He is ruled by Lord Yama, and its negative effects can be reduced by offering prayers on a Saturday. You could also wear the 14 Mukhi rudraksha.


8. Rahu Sarpa Griha: It generally helps to make the life stronger. To remove its dosha, fast on Saturdays and donate coconut. You could also wear the 8 Mukhi rudraksha.


9. Ketu Sarpa Griha: It is generally known to bestow prosperity and good health. To remove its dosha, fast on Thursdays and donate black mustard seeds. You could also wear the 9 Mukhi rudraksha.


The navgraha puja is the all-encompassing positive puja that may help to reduce all dosha negative effects.


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