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Natural Laxmi Kauri

Natural Laxmi Kauri White Laxmi Kauri


Do you wish to receive the auspicious blessing of goddess Laxmi? If yes then you must place Laxmi Kauri in your house or workplace.


Keeping them helps to fetch the grace of Goddess Laxmi. Not only for pleasing goddess Laxmi but it also attracts Baglamukhi Devi.




Let's Know About the Benefits of Laxmi Kauri


  • If you have been suffering from the malefic effects of the planet especially Jupiter, then you must carry Laxmi kauri as it not only balance but diminish the bad effects too.
  • This product is widely popular for flowing the wealth in life. It enhances the sourced of money to the devotee's house. If your money has got stuck somewhere because of some reasons, it will get released very soon.
  • You can place Laxmi kauri in your case box too as it grab the prosperity.


Significant Role Of Laxmi Kauri


  • You buy it any auspicious Muhurat and worship it in Bhram Muhurat. You just need to buy 2 Laxmi Kauri.
  • Worshipping Laxmi Kauri diminishes all kind of financial problems.
  • You must place one Kauri at home and another one keep in your pocket. You must keep in mind that you must not perform bad activities after keeping one kauri in your pocket otherwise you will not get positive results.
  • You must wrap Laxmi Kauri in red or yellow clothes.


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Benefits of Laxmi Kauri


  • Balance's the bad effects of Jupiter.
  • Promotes the flow of wealth in life.
  • Considered auspicious if kept in cash box for prosperity.


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