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Narasimha Shaligram

 Narasimha Shaligram Narasimha Shaligram is a very rare form shaligram one can find, as it is not easily available, it is believed that the shaligram is so auspicious that if finds you not the other way. The shaligram represents the fourth avatar of Lord Vishnu.


According to legends when Hirranakashyap the lord of demons after being blessed of immortality by brahma became invincible and took over all the three worlds the celestial world of heaven, the earth and the underworld.


He was a staunch enemy of Vishnu, as he killed his brother Hirankashya in his Vaman incarnation but as we know the seed sprouts no matter how harsh the conditions are, same way the very son of the demon lord “Prahallad” became the staunch follower of lord Vishnu.


Outraged on this he ordered his son to be punished to death by many means but was saved by Vishnu, when no other way was left Hirranakashyap himself decided to kill his own son, to stop him the Narsimha avatar came to existence and killed the demon with his bare hands.


This shaligram is worshipped and kept either in household or at your working place to seek Narsimha blessings.


Benefits of Narasimha Shaligram


  • Safeguards you from your enemies.
  • Protects your house and workplace from bad energy
  • No form of black magic and spells can affect your life
  • Makes you strong as a personality to achieve your goal
  • Develops confidence and faith in yourself.


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