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Know your Nakashtra Name as Per Birth Details

Know your Nakashtra Name as Per Birth Details


There are 27th Nakashtra in Vedic Jyotish listed here:


1. Ashwini 2. Bharani 3. Krittika 4. Rohini 5. Mrigcira 6. Ardra 7. Punarvasu 8. Pushya 9. Ashlesha 10. Magha 11. Poorva Phalguni 12. Uttara Phalguni 13. Hasta 14. Chitra 15. Swati 16. Vishaka 17. Anuradha 18. Jyeshta 19. Moola 20. Poorvashadha 21. Uttarashadha 22. Sharavan 23. Dhanishta 24. Satbhij 25. Poorva Bhadrpada 26. Uttara Bhadrapada 27. Revati


List of Inauspicious (Ganmool) Nakashtra:


These nakashtra are counted as inauspicious if any child born in these nakashtra then he or she can face the many difficulties in life, these nakashtra called Gand Mool Nakshtra.


1. Ashwini, 2. Revati, 3. Ashlesha, 4. Magha, 5. Jyestha and 6. Mool


All other 21 Nakshtra are counted as auspicious for the born child, if any child taken birth in these 6 inauspicious Nakashtra or Gandmool Nakshtra then must perform Nakshtra Shanti Puja for that child.


With the help of the Nakshtra Shanti Puja ritual all the dosha or negative impacts will be removed.


You can perform Nakashtra Shanti Puja from us, Click Here to know about Nakashtra Shanti Puja.


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What Is All About the Birth in Mool Nakashtra?


The Mool place in the Nakashtra is 19th. 'MOOL' means 'root'. The person who was born in the Mool Nakashtra should be offerings and water in the Peepal tree and the money will remain there.


The people of the Mool Nakashtra are usually focused on the goal, and these people try hard to achieve the hard and difficult goal, until either the person cannot achieve their goal or else all the energy of these people does not end.


Positive side:


People of the Mool Nakashtra are firm on their thoughts and their ability to make decisions is also very good. The tops are in studies. These are the wisdom intelligence. Success can be achieved in research. These are skilled and accomplished people as well as excellent speakers. They can also be doctors or traitors. Because of this passionate tendency, there are compassionate people and those who do well to all.


Negative side:


If Ketu and Guru's position are not correct in the horoscope then they become extremely stubborn and do their arbitrariness.


In this way, the risk of walking on their wrong path also increases. In them, the feeling of jealousy becomes stronger.


They waste their career after falling in the mantra or transcendental science. If such a person lives in the shelter of Vishnu or Hanuman, as per the advice of the parents, then he can escape all kinds of troubles.


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