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Meaning of Ashta Vinayaka

Hindu religion holds a number of layers and each layer is loaded with incredible knowledge. When it comes about the deities, Lord Ganesha emerges first in the mind. Ashta Vinayaka is the word associate to Lord Ganesh made from two words Ashta and Vinayaka.


Ashta stands for EIGHT and Vinayaka means LORD GANESH. In this connection, Ashtavinayaka belongs to eight self-created Lord Ganesha. And these all eight idols are placed in the temples situated in Maharashtra. These incredible idols are not man-made but they are placed as they were found.


To put in another words, Ashtavinayaka associates to EIGHT GANESHAS. And saying would not be wrong that you must visit these temples once in a life time. They are not only beautiful, but makes your mind quite peaceful too.


These all temples are dedicated to Lord Ganesha associate to various stories from the prominent Hindu scripture like purana. Each idol of Ganesha holds trunk in different position. Since these idols are self-created, devotees have great and firm faith in it.


Where Ashta Vinayaka Are Located ?


Ashta Vinayaka Temples are regarded as the most important temples among the Hindu. And these temples having an incredible Lord Ganesha idol are located in two important cities of Maharashtra, Mumbai and Pune. There are various company engaged to serve you affordable tour package to Ashta Vinayaka.


How Much Time It takes to Visit all temples ?


One cannot cover all eight temples in a day and that’s why you have to spare at least 2 days to explore all these temples. Each temple possesses a great value on its own. Many of the, are located in the village which are away from the hustle and bustle as they are not quite developed.


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