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Mandarian Duck

 Meru Shri Yantra Mandarin Ducks


Mandarin Duck is one of the great symbols of happy marriage ad love. There was a time when it was famous in South East Asia, Japan, South Korea and China. But now it is being followed in India too.


The reason behind installing mandarin ducks is that they stay faithful with their partner throughout the life. And it teaches us that trust is the prominent platform of any successful marriage. It is believed that the pair of duck loves to spread love and peace.


What Is The Significant Role Of Mandarin Ducks


  • It is required to install in a home as it enhances and attracts love.
  • Mandarin Ducks are also known as love ducks.
  • It should be installed by couples only. But it can be placed at home by individual too if you are looking for a perfect soul.
  • It is the sign of love and passion amongst couples.
  • It is essential to keep them in pair if they are separated they will not work.
  • Mandarin Ducks is known for their true love and dedication for each other. No one can apart them except death.


What To Keep In Mind While Placing


  • Always keep them in pair, never let them separate.
  • When you install, they must face each other.
  • Keep them in bedroom, living or drawing room.
  • Where you install that area should be cleaned.
  • Never place the broken pair, buy the new one.
  • Figurines or paintings both are good to install.


If you wish to buy the new one pair of mandarin ducks then you must contact us as we serve you cleaned and well-shaped mandarin ducks at a reasonable prices. We also consult all kind of things which you must take care while installed it. We serve you mandarin ducks in various material like brass, rose quartz, lead crystal and jade.


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