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Buy Makarsankranti Puja Kit

makar sankranti puja kit Makarsankranti, is a basic gather festivity and it moreover mean the move of the sun from Sagittarius to Capricorn (Makara Rasi).


Sankranti similarly signify begin of Uttrayan - the daytime of Devas as per Hinduism and the accompanying a half year are considered exceedingly encouraging.


According to Vedic soothsaying Chandradeo, Surya, twelve zodiac signs and figuring of time relies upon the speed of the planets. Each one of the functions and Pujas performed amid Makar Sankranti are dedicated to the Sun God or Lord Surya.


It more often than not falls on the fourteenth of January reliably. People start cleaning the entire house and especially the Puja room or range.


Upon the entry of Makar Sankranti, the person who plays out the Puja in the house alongside different individuals washes up in the early morning.


The house is delightfully advanced with Rangoli particularly at the way and a tree of sprouts and mango leaves is hanged in the portals. A symbol or photograph of the Lord Surya is put on a high stage in the Puja room.


We comprehend the significance of Samagrim in Makarsankranti Pooja. So we have isolated Pooja Samagrim Kits as indicated by the extent of Pooja you are leading, be it Laghu (Small), Samanya (Medium) or Bhavya (Grand).


Here Is The Rundown Of Pooja Samagrim For Makarsankranti Puja Kit Pooja :-


  1. Dhoop
  2. Supari
  3. Roli
  4. Chawla
  5. Kapoor
  6. Haldi Power
  7. Haldi Gath
  8. Chandan
  9. Ghee
  10. Batti (Jyoti)
  11. Maachis
  12. Deepak
  13. Laal Vastra
  14. Aggarbattis
  15. Kesar
  16. Pancha Meva
  17. Ilachi
  18. Dona
  19. Moli
  20. Sugadhit
  21. Padaarth
  22. Ganga Jaal
  23. Shahad
  24. Mishri
  25. Havan Samagrim
  26. Chini
  27. Pili Sarason
  28. Sapta Dhan
  29. Saptmatrika
  30. Kala Till
  31. Jau
  32. Janeu


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