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Maha Bharani, Panchami Shraddha

What is all about the Maha Bharani or Panchami Shraddha –


The Maha Bharani or Panchami shradha fall on vidiya tithi of Krishna paksha of Bhadrapada mouth. The Maha Bharani or Panchami shradha Shraddha is also known as Chauth bharani or bharani Panchami.


On this day of Shraddha, tarpan is performed for those who left this world on chaturthi tithi, including both Shukla and Krishna Paksha Tritiya. It fetches the perfomer with the basic property for your job, social, business and economic growth.


The paksha shadhas are parvan Shradhas and ausipicious time to perfome it is either kutup Muhurat or rohin, that why, Muhurat after till aparahana kaal get out. Tarpan is done at the end of the Shraddha.


Maha Bharani or Panchami Shraddha – 10th - September 2017 (Sunday)


Maha Bharani or Panchami Sharddha Muhurat Timing –


In this section, Maha Bharani or Panchami Shraddha timing are being described below. Let’s check it out.


  1. Kutup Muhurat Timing - 12:08 Pm To 12:57 (49 Mins)
  2. Rohina Muhurat Timing – 12:57 Pm To 01:46 (49 Mins)
  3. Aparahna Kaal Muhurat Timing – 01:46 Pm To 04:14 Pm (2 Hours 27 Mins)
  4. Maha Bharani Tithi Begins = On 10 September 2017, 10:37 Am (Sunday)
  5. Maha Bharani Tithi Ends = On 11 September 2017, 09:20 Am (Sunday)


Puja Vidhi –


The pitru daan is also known as pirta parkash. Pirta tarpan Vidhi in gujarati is done by Brahmin. Those person perfume the Shradha is called karta.


The whole process of shradha ritual must conclude in such a manner that lunch must happen at Aparahna period.


  1. Karta invites eleven brahmanaas in these day, imagines they are their ancestors.
  2. To offer them with sumptuous food items and treats them with hospitality.
  3. In the end offer “ pinda pradaana”. Then give some dakshina to the brahmanass.


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