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Maa Tara Prasad, Tarapith

 Maa Tara Prasad, Tarapith Only Prasad Rs. 551,


Prasad with Poster Rs. 751,


Perform Puja and get Prasad Cost Rs. 7100


Prasad Details


This auspicious Prasad package would include the famous Peda Prasad from the temple and a stunning picture of Maa Tara along with some items that are used for the puja done on your behalf.




A shaktipeeth temple dedicated to the worship of Maa Tara is called the Tarapith Temple. It is widely believed that Maa Tara is a form of Goddess Kali or Shakti. The entire town of Tarapith, West Bengal is devoted to Maa Tara. It is one of the most famous tantric temples too.


The pedas offered as the Prasad at the temple are quite famous. The temple also holds varied rituals in a single day including the morning and evening aartis that soothe one’s soul.


The temple is also given so much importance by the people because it is believed that Maa Tara takes away all the obstacles from a devotees’ life and help the devotees gain true happiness.


Book Puja of this Temple


Almost all the time the devotees stand in long queues to get a glimpse of Maa Tara at the Tarapith temple. So, booking a puja here can be a bit complicated.


Don’t worry, we can do it for you in a perfect manner as we have many sources in the area. We are not representatives of the mandir but we have the ability to book a puja for you.


Book Pandit for Puja


If a puja is rightly done at the Maa Tara temple, Tarapith, a person can attain great wisdom, enlightenment and happiness. We can help you attain it by providing the services of a qualified priest who will do the puja successfully.


Send your details for any Query from this form.


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