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Maa Kali Puja

Maa Kali Puja


Kali is a Devi of dark and is ruthless and fearsome. Kali is also known as Chamunda Devi, Chandi, and Kalratri etc. kali puja is mainly performed on the New moon day and kartik amavashya.


The main purpose of this puja is to remove the evils, bad habits and things from within us or from this world. So people performed kali puja to get away the evils.


The origin of kali puja began in Bengal. Before 18th century this puja was not in practice. This puja came in light in 18th century and became more famous in 19th century.


In nineteen’s century the big landlord and wealthy family of Bengal used to perform it to get rid of evils and lead a happy, peaceful and rich life. After Bengal it got recognition in Orissa and Assam now it is performed north India and almost in the whole country.


Who is Kali?


Kali is an opposite image of Maa Durga or Maa Parvati. On one hand the Durga or Parvati is merciful but kali is merciless. Maa Durga only wear kali image when gods or king of gods are in trouble and ask her help to save them from some cruel demon.


Demons get boon from almighty and thus make they more powerful. In the proud of their power they sometimes consider themselves superior and to prove this they attack on gods to defeat them and to become the king of the heaven.


Maa Durga & Parvati as Kali


Once demon attached on king of god Indra and bothered them. So the all gods took shelter on Himalayas which was also dwelling place of Lord Shiva & Maa Parvati. All gods prayed maa Durga or Parvati and asked for her helf to protect them from demons.


Then maa Durga embodied as maa kaali and she killed both Shambhu & Nishambhu who attacked gods. But a demon whose name was Raktbeej, who had got a boon as if a drop of his blood fell down on earth it created many thousands Raktbeej.


This happening increased the thirst of blood for maa kaali. After killing Raktbeej the incarnation of kali continued and she kept destruction and devastation of all the people on earth and nature.


All the gods became worry of this carnage and they all prayed Lord Shiva, Then Lord Shiva came under the foot of maa kali during massacre and she got sense and realized her mistakes and thus her thirst for blood calm down.


This day in Hindu religion is dedicated to maa kali. This day is called Navmi on this day the puja of maa kaali is performed. So this way to get off all devils and live a happy, wealthy, healthy and peaceful life the kali puja is performed.


We performed kali puja on request of our clients on their place or by us on behalf of our clients. To get performed kali puja you can contact our specialist guru ji who is expert in all kinds of Gods & Goddess pujas.