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Maa Durga Shakti Puja

Maa Durga Shakti Puja

Maa Durga Shakti puja is one of the famous puja of the goddess of Shakti or power. Maa Durga is considered the Devi of divine feminine power. Maa Durga has many aspects. Maa kaali is one of the darkest or wrathful forms of Maa Durga which was taken by Maa Durga to destroy the demons and evil power from the universe. It is one of the most powerful incarnation of all. Devi Durga is invincible.


Maa Durga aspect depicts that she has ten arms, always prefer riding on lion or tiger. In one hand she holds weapon as swords and also get a lotus flower on other hand.


In skanda purana goddess Parvati is presumed as Devi Durga. Maa parvati got this name after killing the demon Durga maasura. Maa Durga is assumed supreme power in deity. She has 108 names.


Devi Durga is worshipped as Navratra or Navratri in northern India in the month of sep-October. This means nine nights dedicated to Maa Durga. On every night (From day One to Nine) a special puja of different form of Maa Durga is performed as:


  1. Day 1-Shailputri.
  2. Day 2-Brahmcharini
  3. Day 3- Chandraghanta
  4. Day 4- Kooshmanda
  5. Day 5- Skandmata
  6. Day 6- Katyani
  7. Day 7- Kalratri
  8. Day 8- Maha-Gauri
  9. Day 9- Sidhidatri


These all pujas are performed to remove all financial, health, physicalproblems in life. One who performs all these pujas Maa Durga gives her blessings and strength to the devotee to face the entire odd situation in life and conquer.


Our expert guru ji and PanditJi performs Duraga Shakti Puja for devotees of Maa Durga for happiness and peace. Shakti puja also remove the effects of black magic, any kind of negative energy of the universe and contradiction of planets.