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Lord Surya Yantra

Lord Surya Yantra The Sun Yantra fills up your vacuum with its triggering energy and positivity. The energized Yantra is the carrier of your prayers to the Sun God.


He in turn will stimulate your dynamism to assault all the impediments that stand in the way of your success.


Hardships you undergo on your work front, severe health ailments, and mental stress will no longer be a threat to you, when the Sun Yantra is at your side! You will be energized to live a more brilliant and powerful life.


Mantra For Sun Yantra


"Om Suryaya Namaha"


(The predetermined Mantra is to be recounted for 108 times as a standard run; notwithstanding, changes if any will be specified at the season of purchasing.)


The Most Effective Method To Use The Sun Yantra?


Yantras are incredible vast conductors of vitality, a reception apparatus of Nature, an intense device for concordance, thriving, achievement, great wellbeing, yoga and reflection! Yantras comprise of a progression of geometric examples.


The eyes and mind aggregate at the focal point of the yantra to accomplish larger amounts of awareness. Yantras are typically made out of copper.


  • Place the Yantra confronting the East or the North in a spotless and holy place.
  • Try not to give other individuals a chance to touch the Yantra.
  • Intermittently wash the Yantra with rose water or drain. At that point, flush it with water and wipe it to dry. The Yantra's shading may change over some stretch of time; however this does not weaken the energy of the Yantra.
  • Place adjusted dabs of sandalwood glue on the 4 corners and in the focal point of the Yantra.
  • Light a flame or ghee light and an incense stick before the Yantra. You can offer new or dry organic products as Prasad, also.
  • Serenade the Mantra above before the Yantra, ideally in the wake of showering.