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Leo Zodiac Sign Peoples Do and Avoid these in Year 2017

Leo Zodiac Sign:-


Month To do Not to do
January Leo, start valuing your relationships in your life, being too much demanding are causing you issues you don’t want to entertain Do not get angry on petty issues, as this can make you fall into the traps of unnecessary fights and clashes.
February Being a parent is not easy, those who are expecting a baby can get the good news this month Don’t take stress of past inactions it is better to focus on the positive side.
March If you are planning to invest your money in property purchase, then this is a very auspicious timing to get started Be a little assertive in life for some future planning as at moment you are being very careless
April Career wise you can expect a shift of energy in your environment which is of positive nature for you. Heart patients are advised to not travel at this month and take full rest completely.
May Try to spend more time with your family, especially with your parents, doing this will gain you the divine blessings of the gods Purchasing any jewelry can cause you heavy loses as fraudulent experience is fore seen
June Those are planning to buy a home, must do so with the advice of a genuine and experienced person, as this is a matter of long term investment. Your love life is facing a bad time, so it is advised to not fall for any further clashes with your partner.
July Give some time to yourself alone, this will help you decide what exactly you prefer to have in your life and will make your decisions more accurate and valuable Those who are in politics are advised to not give any media statement as it will back fire upon you and can cause you some serious damage.
August This time is beneficial for those who wish to go for civil services and for the army, IAS, IPS, but over confidence can cause you problems. This is a very good time, missing out opportunities at this point will make you regret later
September Marriage is foreseen in this period and is a very positive time as per the muhurat for leo, getting married at this time will get you blessings for a happy married life. Not making efforts at this point in your academics will be regretful later
October Planning abroad to meet somebody, you have not seen from long time is foreseen. Health issues for those who suffer from back pain, whiplash and joints must avoid any physical strain on their body.
November Spend some time with your old friends as it will gain you recalling your best spend memories, which will be good for you. Purchasing a home is not advised at this point.
December The overall year is good for you and will leave you with a happy experience in totality. You are misbehaving with your parents because of your spouse and this will gain you only the bitter experience in life so avoid and take care of your parents.


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