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 Laxmi Charan Paduka for Diwali & Laxmi Puja What is laxmi Charan Paduka?


Laxmi charan paduka is dedicated to the goddess laxmi; it is the representation of her auspicious feet, it is believed that on the day of diwali the goddess visits every house to bless her devotees with her divine blessings that is why before diwali everybody prepares for her visit by cleaning the house.


With new wash and pain so as to keep her visit to a clean house as we all know once her feet will touch the ground of our house, it will never be short of money, abundance and prosperity.


The laxmi charan paduka is the symbol of goddess laxmi and acts as a medium to receive her blessings.


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How to worship laxmi charan paduka for diwali and laxmi puja?


  • Place laxmi charan paduka in the south east corner of your house or workplace
  • Now apply a tilak on the lower end of the feet with Kumkum
  • Recite laxmi mantra given below at least hundred and eight times to invoke goddess laxmi to come in your life on diwali.
  • You can place it now in a cash box, temple and other important place of your house but it has to south east facing.


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Benefits of laxmi charan paduka for diwali and laxmi puja


There are enormous benefits of laxmi charan paduka puja


  • Prosperity and abundance servant of goddess laxmi comes at your service for life
  • All the doors of riches, wealth and money will open for you
  • Career and business will be see profits like never before.
  • Abundance and prosperity will be attracted in your life.
  • Success will come from all corners


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