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Last Day of Shravan Month

 Shravan Month 2016 The holiest month in Hindu religion called Shravana Month will be celebrated in the month of July and August. This month is perfect as devotee get the opportunity to gets blessed of grace of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.


Last Day Of Shravan Month 2017


Last Day of Sawan Month 2017 is 7th August, 2017 for Uttar Pradesh and Some Other States. And


For Andhra Pradesh and Other States Last Day of Sawan Month 2017 is 21st August, 2017.


The Last Day of Shravana Month 2016:-


Shravana Month comes in the fifth month as per the Hindu calendar. There are 4 auspicious Mondays in this month. The last day of Shravana month is varied place to place.


For instance August 18, Thursday is the last day in the northern part of the country, whereas the last day is September 1, Thursday in the southern part of the country.


What Is Significance of Shravana Month


It is pretty much auspicious and fruitful month as it gives the devotee divine relief from the scorching summer. It is auspicious as the Samundra Manthan was done in this month. In this Samunder manthan, many things were churned out like milk, Amrit etc.


The poison was also churned out which was taken by Lord Shiva to save the world. And it is poison which made throat blue that is why it is called Neelkanth.


The whole month is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Vrat which take place in the auspicious month called Sawan Somvar Vrat.


Each Day Is Auspicious Of Shravana Month


You may not know that each day of this month holds a great significance. For instance, Monday and Tuesday are dedicated to Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati. To worship Vithala, Wednesday is the auspicious and fruitful day.


On Thursday, mercury and Jupiter are worshiped. Friday is the day dedicated to goddess Lakshmi. Lord Vishnu and Shani is worshipped on Saturdays and Sunday. These things make this month the most auspicious month in the Hindu Calendar.


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