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Lapis Lazuli Shree Yantra

Lapis Lazuli Shree Yantra Lapis Lazuli Shree Yantra


A lapis lazuli is a very rare and one of the oldest forms of stone that is been in use by the humans.


It has a very striking blue color that can mesmerize you with its mere presence, throughout the centuries and among almost every culture and civilization.



it has been considered the symbol of luck, wisdom and power. The stone radiates with a very powerful energy that goes along wherever it goes despite of time and ages.


In India it has been considered very auspicious since Vedic culture as blue is a color considered a representative of lord Vishnu himself, a positive symbol defines an aura of energy that belongs to the supreme god.


Lapis Lazuli Shree Yantra


A shree yantra is the emperor of all the possible yantras that are and that can be devised in the Hindu religion, it is so because it is believed that it is the dwelling place of the supreme form of adishakti roop that is known by the name of Tripursunadari.


The word consist of two words that are “tripur” and “sundari” meaning the three worlds and the most beautiful of all respectively meaning the most beautiful in all the three worlds of heaven, the earth and the underworld. It is considered to be very lucky to keep this yantra in your house or work place.


Benefits of Lapis Lazuli Shree Yantra


  • Attracts wealth and riches from every corner in life.

  • Prosperity and abundance follows your foot steps .

  • Fame and success is followed.

  • Improves your confidence and valor in your personality.

  • Restores health of those in presence .

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