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Lal Kitab Vashikaran

Lal Kitab Vashikaran What is Lal Kitab?


A lal Kitab is the most powerful book that is known to be accurately effective in the Kaliyuga. This book is not ordinary and do not practice the traditional form of astrology but is unique in its practice.


It is believed that the demon lord Ravana who was believed to be the most powerful of all conquered the whole of earth, heaven and underworld, he was believed to be able to control and enslave all the nine planets under his command and used to order them at his will and he was believed to be so powerful because he had the knowledge of the lal Kitab but after he was defeated by lord rama all his knowledge and practice was lost with time.


In the period of pre independence these teachings of this powerful book again was availed by the pandit roop Chand joshi, he released in all together set of four books in during the period of year 1939 to 1952.


What is Vashikaran?


Vashikaran is a method of tantric rituals and this method was derived by ancient Indians long ago with the help of our vedas. Basically vashikaran is performed under the mantras that are written in the Atharva Veda, the importance of these mantras here is that if they are not performed in the presence of a proper practitioner and genuine person than the effect of these mantras can be altered and they can cause so many problems in your life that you cannot imagine.


So it is advised not to perform this by the help of anyone but should be trusted only by an expert to obtain the desired results you want to see in your life.


Now what is important here is to understand that vashikaran must not be mistaken with black magic as black magic is done to affect someone’s life in a negative way and is not permitted by the vedas and is not blessed by the deities while vashikaran is a method of vedas that is under the blessing of god and your deities.


Lal Kitab Vashikaran


Lal Kitab vashikaran is a combination of the power of the vashikaran spells from the vedas and Lal kitab’s predictions and methods of astrology. It is written in the lal Kitab that the lines of a person’s hand also changes as the effect of the planets, stars and celestial bodies in his life. This powerful duo is a trusted talisman of the kaliyuga that can solve all your problems and can brighten your future.


Benefits of Lal Kitab Vashikaran


  • Attracts money and riches in your life from all corners of life.

  • Abundance and prosperity becomes your life long companions.

  • Your future becomes a pawn in your hand, who you direct by your will.

  • Authentic astrology and palmistry is observed with its presence.

  • Fame and success becomes you slave for life and many more.


Our service


We as a service have formulated a team of genuine pandits and tantriks who are practicing since the age of five years and developed powerful methods with the blessings of the deities and they can provide you the lal Kitab vashikaran solution you need and that you can hope for. All the information you will save with us will remain concealed.