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Buy Beautiful Laddu Gopal Idol of Lord Krishna

Laddo Gopal Idol Lord Krishna took birth on Janmashtami and that’s why this festival is celebrated with a great pomp and show. On this day, a lot of preparation is done on this day. And without having Ladoo Gopal, the pooja cannot be get completed.


What is All about Ladoo Gopal Idol


The baby version of Lord Krishna is called Ladoo Gopal as he loves to eat sweets and dairy product and holds great health. On the auspicious day of Janmashtami, Ladoo Gopal Idol is placed in swing to welcome him.


He is take care as same as a little baby arrived at home. He is decorated with embellished attires and jewellery. Jhoola of Ladoo Gopal is decorated with flowers and other decorative item. Bhajan and Kirtan is also organised at home and temples both.



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The New Age Market and Ladoo Gopal Idol


If you do not have enough time to step out in the market to buy the idol of Ladoo Gopal Idol, you may choose us. Here, we serve you a wide collection of stylish and eye-catching Ladoo Gopal Idols at a reasonable price. Each Ladoo Gopal idol is quite different from others. There are many shapes in which Ladoo Gopal are stand. This Idol are ideal to perform Janmashtami pooja. Apart from it, you can gift it to your friends or someone going to Grah Pravesh.


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Why To Choose Us


Though there are a number of online shopping stores are existing but we are committed to serve the superior quality to you. To book your order, you may drop mail or make a call. These Ladoo Gopal Idols are made from quality oriented material. Being a reputed brand, we offer you these adorable Ladoo Gopal idols at reasonable prices.


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