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Kuber Dhan Varsha Yantra for Dhanteras Puja, Call: 9870286388

 Kuber Dhan Varsha Yantra for Dhanteras Puja What is kuber dhan Varsha Yantra?


Wealth is the most significant part of life, can undoubtedly be put next to the basis of everything, it brings all comforts life has to offer and we all want it for us and for those we love.


All the wealth of any sort that is present belongs to the god of wealth and that is Kuber, he was a man who became a god by the boon of other gods and became the ruler of wealth and riches, he alone holds the key to every treasure.



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Kuber dhan Varsha yantra is dedicated to him, which is a measure of Vedic mantras that acts as an instrument to connect the devotee with the deity; this yantra serves as the basis of divine blessings of lord Kuber.


How to worship kuber dhan Varsha yantra for dhanteras puja?


Worshiping on the day of dhanteras with kuber dhan Varsha yantra is very benefitting and follows some important Vedic rituals such as


  • Place clothe on floor with yellow in color
  • Now place the kuber dhan Varsha yantra on it
  • Make swastika on the four corners of the cloth
  • Chant the given mantra at least hundred and eight times to receive the divine blessings of the lord Kuber


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Shree Kuber Mantra


"ॐ कुबेरः त्वम् धनाधीशः गृहे ते कमला स्थिता । माम् देवीम् प्रेषयासु त्वम् मद् गृहे ते नमो नमः ॐ"


Benefits of kuber dhan Varsha yantra


  • Wealth and riches will be attracted in your life
  • Abundance and prosperity will guard your household
  • Success will be observed from all corners
  • Business will see new heights like never before


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The kuber dhan Varsha yantra for dhanteras puja will cost only Rs.. 1100.


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