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Krishna Puja Vidhi

Krishna Puja Vidhi In Hindu culture holds a number of Lords and Goddess, but Lord Krishna is one of the most famous God. He, known as Gopal, Govind, Thakur, Bal Gopal and Kahana, is one from of lord Vishnu.


He gives the Geeta Giyan to Arjun. He married to Rukmani but always name with Radha like Radhe - Krishna. He is fulfils all wishes. Those people worship the Lord Krishna, getting marriage soon and none problems come in their marriage life.


Things To Perform Krishna Puja :-


  1. Chawki
  2. milk
  3. Red Cloth
  4. Dahi
  5. Idol of lord Krishna
  6. Makhan
  7. Mishri
  8. Kapur
  9. Flowers
  10. Gangajal,
  11. Lamp,
  12. Dhoopstick
  13. Roli
  14. Akshat


How To Perform Krishna Puja:-


Ekadashi and Poornima is the best day to perform the Krishna Puja at home. Which you organised the Krishna pooja, you must visit the Krishna temple in the morning.


Donate the food and cloth to needy. If you are thinking to perform this puja, check out these points explaining the way of performing Krishna Puja.


  1. Frist step - Place the chawki after cleaning the puja place and Sprinkle Gangajal. Put the New red clothe over it.
  2. After showering, place the idol of Lord Krishna on it. Light up the Dhoopstick and lamp.
  3. Put the Roli and Akshat as Tilak at the forehead of lord Krishna.
  4. Lord Krishna love Milk, Ghee, Dahi and Makhan. When you organised the Krishna Puja, you must offer these food items and as well as serve Mishri, Tulsi and Gangajal. To bring happiness and peace of mind.
  5. Chanting this Lord Krishna mantra at least 1008 times -
    | I Aum Vrashbhanujaye Vidmahe, Krishnapriyaye Dhimahi |
    || Tanno Radha Prachodayat ||
  6. In the end, distribute the Prasad all relatives.


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