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Buy Krishna Puja Kit

ashtlakshmi puja kit Lord Krishna is the most cherished divinity in Hinduism as he symbolizes love and bliss. He is related with joy, infamous conduct, fun and skip.


The little Ladoo gopal's birthday is praised on a huge scale all through the nation with individuals to a great degree energetic and cheerful. Lord Krishna is one celebration which has its own appeal and loftiness in the meantime. The celebration is committed to Lord Krishna.


The celebration honours his introduction to the world. Shri Krishna is the eighth symbol of Lord Vishnu. The Gopal as he is called is everybody's indisputable favorite even in ''Kaliyuga''. His Notorious exercises and lovely face charms his lovers.


Krishna Pooja is a stupendous celebration for Krishna Devotees who commend it like a youngster is conceived in their own family. Individuals keep quick for 24 hours and just eat amid the midnight.


The whole day is loaded with ceremony and shows. The sanctuaries witness a large number of lovers singing Krishna Bhajans and they make arrangement to welcome the new conceived Lord Krishna.


Krishna Puja Kit -


  1. Punchamrit,
  2. Laung 5 gm
  3. janeu,
  4. supari 5
  5. incense sticks – 1 packet
  6. Haldi,
  7. chandanmatch box - 1
  8. earthen pots,
  9. Kesar,
  10. ilachi,
  11. donamoli,
  12. roli 1 pck
  13. rice – 1 kg
  14. nectar,
  15. Mishri,
  16. Mustard oil – 500 gm.
  17. camphor,
  18. organic products,
  19. coconut - 2
  20. desserts,
  21. Kalash - 1
  22. A red material – 1 piece


Every one of these fixings are basic to play out the Krishna puja.


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