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Krishna Janmashtami Vastra and Sringar Set, Cost Rs: 751

Krishna Janmashtami Vastra and Sringar Set Janmashtami belongs to birth of Lord Krishna. On this auspicious day, a great hustle bustle can be seen in all temples dedicated to Lord Krishna all across the world.


The main attraction of this festival is seeing the Sringar of Lord Krishna.


Special arrangement are done in temples on this day. Lord Krishna looks quite adorable on this day as he is attired attention grabber clothes. To see his Sringar, devotees wait in a long queue.


There are many devotees who celebrated Krishna Janmashtami at home as well. They decorate Lord Krishna in the same manner as it is done in temples.


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What Is All About Krishna Janmashtami Vastra And Sringar Set


Krishna Janmashtami is one of the prominent festivals. On this auspicious day, Lord Krishna is decorated with embellished attires and heavy jewellery. This attires are made by expert craftsmen who have been doing this work from a long time. The quality based fabric and decorative items like shiny laces, scattered sequences and pearls & beads are used. Apart from it, Lord Krishna Sringar would not be considered complete without decorating him with shiny jewellery.


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Prominent Reasons Choose Us


  • As a renowned brand, we are committed to serve you these decorative Vastra at an affordable price.

  • Quality is maintained.

  • To make these sacred attires of the Lord Krishna, only quality based fabric has been used.

  • Be it colour or embroidery, everything has been done by experts.

  • The decorative and eye-catching jewellery and Sringar set is also available. As per your choice, you are allowed to choose the desired Krishna Janmashtami Vastra and Srinagar Set.

So, what are you waiting for? This Krishna Janmashtami welcomes Lord Krishna in a unique manner. Serve him the beautiful clothes and Sringar to come at your home again and again.


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