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King Money Frog

 King Money Frog Money Frog


Fengshui money frog holds a deep symbolic roots. If we look in the past of China, it is found that mythological creature having three legs works to attract abundance and wealth called money frog. It grabs coin in their mouth which means it grabs wealth in his mouth.


Why It Is Important To Install –


  • It fetches good energy and attract more money to the house.
  • It is auspicious figurine to fetch prosperity and abundance.
  • It brings money-like energy to your home.
  • It unclogs the ways which is responsible for bringing money.
  • It creates the new opportunities to bring money.
  • In business new potentials are noted by you and you get showered with the money.


What To Bear In Mind While Placing


  • It is required to place this money frog at the auspicious place or in the wealth area which is southeast.
  • The face of money frog should be in the direction of front door.
  • When you buy money frog, keep in mind that the coin should be in the mouth of frog.
  • You may also glue the coin in its mouth. It indicates that all kind of money will be fetched by him.
  • It should be three inches high and three inches wide for an average size of room or workplace. You may also buy the larger if hold larger space.
  • You are allowed to install money frog everywhere in house except kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.
  • Never place it at ground or up too high.


We have been serving money frog made up various material like Jade, Precious Stone, Rosewood Resin, Gold and Bronze. As per your choice, you can buy since all material are considered good.


Being a distinguished brand, we offer you money frog at a reasonable price. So, what are you waiting for? Make us call or drop a mail, we will get back to you within short span of time.


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