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Ketu Puja Vidhi

Ketu Puja Vidhi On the off chance that you are confront the issues identified with planet Ketu, you should aroma the Ganesha pooja.


The Ganesha pooja is extremely helpful for decrease the awful impacts of planet Ketu. The Ganesha pooja related to ruler Ketu.


This pooja procedure will enhance planet Ketu in your horoscope. Thursday is the greatest day for perfuming the Ganesha pooja.


Wear the Ketu Beeja mantra in the neck or keep it at pooja put at house. Droning the Ganesha dwadasanama Stotra, Ketu Stotra and the Ketu Beeja mantra for no less than 11, 21, 51 or 108 times.


Mantra For Planet Ketu –


In this segment, mantra for planet Ketu are being portrayed beneath. How about we look at it.


| om gan ganpate Namah |
|| Om shram shreem shroum sah ketave Namah ||
|| Aum Hrim Krum Krura Rupine Ketave Point Suh Svaha ||


Ketu Pooja Vidhi –


On the off chance that Mythical serpent's Tail is malefic in one horoscope diagram then Ketu Puja is prescribed to expel the malefic impacts.


Discussing the accompanying mantra after nightfall, confronting north - west heading, will truly lessen the awful impact of Ketu.


Mythical serpent's Tail allows great wellbeing, riches and all round thriving. Ketu has no sign ruler ships, in spite of the fact that it is recognized to support Mercury and Jupiter's signs as indicated by a few specialists, while others guarantee that Ketu favors the indication of Scorpio.


Ketu is a marker of knowledge, intelligence, most profound sense of being, entering understanding, and intangibility and physic capacities. Business, infection, toxic chomps are diverse parts of this planet. Ketu speaks to the otherworldly procedure of advancement.


Ketu is considered as a common malefic and profoundly benefice, as it causes distress and misfortune, which at last turns the person to god.


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