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Keasar Or Saffron

Keasar Or Saffron Keasar it is also called saffron in English language. You may have heard a lot about the use of Keasar in dessert and cosmetic.


But do you know, Keasar is also used in order to bring happiness, success and peace to the home or workplace.


If you do not know, you have landed at the right place. We are going to shed light over this topic.



Significant Uses of Keasar


  • If you have been feeling low without any prominent reason then you must serve Keasar first to God and then add it to your milk. After drinking it, you will feel better.
  • In order to diminish the manglik dosh, you must prepare a paste using saffron and red sandalwood to do Abhishek of Lord Hanuman.
  • To enhance profit in your business, always sprinkle Keasar on the items you used in business like paper, register, laptop, computer etc. sprinkling Keasar makes them pure and sacred and keep them stay away from negativity.

  • It is widely used as ink. Actually, saffron holds pure, sacred and lovely fragrance. And it is appreciated and liked by the divine powers. It is perfect thing to make them please and attract.
  • Keasar lifts up the power of Moon.
  • To remove the problems from the life couples, it is advised to do Abhishek with Keasar of Lord Shiva. It diminishes all kind of problems from their life.


Why Should You Choose Us ?


  • Kesar is high in demand among the people who know its benefits to fetch positivity. But it is required to use the pure Keasar. There are many shops not providing the original Keasar.
  • Here, only reasonable price is charged and quality of saffron is never compromised
  • Our experts also guide you about the usage of Keasar in detail so that you will get satisfied results.


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