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Book and Perform Karwa Chauth Puja

Karwa Chauth Puja The very auspicious and bestowal Karwa Chauth Puja is falls every year on forth day (Chauth) of the waning moon of Kartik Month (The Hindu calendar year) and also 9 day before Diwali.


In the puja Karwa is a small pitcher, after performing puja it is given as Daan for poor Brahmin. This process of giving karwa as charity is considered as the thing of wellbeing and wealth for the family.


The puja has great significance in Hindu religion and is described in the Vedic book Dharmasindhu. Only woman can have fasting and perform this puja. On this day women worship the whole family of Lord Shiva including Maa Parvati or Devi Guari along with both son Lord Ganesha and Kartikey.


Benefits of the Puja


  • The main benefit of Karwa Chauth Puja is for the long life of the husband.
  • It also brings happiness and joy in relation between husband and wife.
  • Karwa Chauth Puja also helps to remove the husband and wife disputes.
  • If you are suffering from any disease then it also help to remove them.
  • If any legal case in between husband and wife are then it helps to settle down.
  • It also solves the divorce case.
  • Karwa Chauth Puja also help to get good job, and business success of the husband.
  • It is said that the sheer aim of the puja is wellbeing and long life of husband and family, but it is also done for bearing wished offspring, continuous and everlasting prosperity of the family.
  • Karwa Chauth puja focuses on sons and grandsons for their career, growth and overall development.


How to perform Karwa Chauth Puja?


Performing the puja rituals there need to be taking extensive carefulness. One can't even have a sip of water before appearing of the moon in the sky. There are lots of rituals to follow in this puja. The puja starts as the sun sets.


We perform the puja rituals with every defined and followed method as descripted in the Vedas. So the whole advantage of the puja can be obtained. Our learned Pandit takes Sankalp on the name of seeker.


We perform this puja in our own temple and also provide Pandit on the performer's place.


If you want, we to perform this auspicious puja for you can contact us on 9069100911 or can visit our website for any query and information. We also provide Karwa Chauth puja kit for the same.

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