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Kamiya Sindoor

 Kamiya Sindoor The name Kamiya came from the great temple of Assam, Ma KamiyaMandir is one of the most significant sakhti pith among 51 ShahtiPeethas.


The KamakhyaSaktiPeeths is considered as the most powerful shakti peeth, as yoni (vagina) of Goddess Sati had fallen on the Nilachal parvat i.e. the Nilgiri hills, following splitting of the Goddess dead body.


Since everyone comes to this world through ‘yoni’ that is why this place is considered as the center point of creating the whole Brahman.


So the name itself signifies the powerfulness and strong intensity of every product related from Ma Kamakhya. Among them the most effective product is the vermillion powder that is mostly called KamiyaSindoor or can be called Kamiya Sindoor found in a solid rock form. It


is a sign and witness of holy product can be used as charm for getting success of every step in life, regarding success in life, winning a person heart generally called Vashikaran, or winning court case or work, in every obstacle of life.


In any kind of Puja instead of normal Sindoor available Kamiya Sindoor can be used, will give a great effective and holism for everything we pray. It is also a useful product for Tantriks; Kamiya Sindoor can be mantraputa, used for Vashikaran and Tantra Shadhna by Tantras and Kampala’s.


Methods to use KamiyaSindoor:


Kamiya Sindoor is to be mix with Gangajal or clean water and to make a spiritual symbol in front of door. Mix Sindoor can be sprinkled all over your home, office, factory or business area. If you apply Kamiya Sindoor in forehead, it is a sacred sign of getting success.


Benefits of KamiyaSindoor:


  • the body aura level and makes it’s strong.
  • To help in increasing Kundalijag ran.
  • To enhances the power of third eye.
  • It protects from negativity of tantra and mantra i.e., Black Magic Removal.
  • Itbuilds will power and wisdom.
  • Itincreases controlling power and judgment, self realization.
  • To cultivates healthy husband and wife relationship.
  • To controlling blood pressure and enhance power, strength.
  • To increase sexuality basically for married women.


Signification or Importance of KamiyaSindoor


Kamiya Sindoor arises on the forehead of mesh Rashi in astrological belief and symbolic color is red.It can be applied on forehead or on hair as like Sindoor to enhance saubhagya.It is considered as symbol of Parvati and sati for women.


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